Agreement on Internal Trade | Accord sur le commerce intérieur

REGISTREX has been developed to make it easier for corporations to do business anywhere in Canada by providing a single window for links to the corporate registries of the federal, provincial and territorial governments. Click here if you want to:

  • Register a corporation
  • Report a change to corporate information
  • File a corporation’s annual report.
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This site is an initiative of the federal, provincial and territorial governments under the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).

To facilitate inter-provincial business and to ease the administrative burden on corporations doing business in more than one province or territory, the AIT provides for the reconciliation of the extra-provincial corporate registration and reporting requirements established by Canadian governments.

Annex 606 (Extra-provincial Corporate Registration and Reporting) of the AIT provides the policy framework for this reconciliation. Annex 606 specifically recognizes the potential for electronic communications to simplify the effort of corporations in complying with government registration and reporting requirements.

REGISTREX is one tool developed by governments aimed at this simplification effort. It supplements but does not replace existing means established by governments for corporate registration and reporting.